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As a pioneer in snowmaking technology since 1960, Hunter Mountain is heavily committed to producing some of the best snow conditions in the East. It's been this commitment that has kept Hunter in the forefront of snowmaking and grooming technology for over 40 years. Hunter has even been crowned "The Snowmaking Capitol of the World".

snowmaking11967: Hunter became the first area in the world to feature summit to base snowmaking
1980: First area to achieve 100% snowmaking coverage

Over 1,100 snow machines are capable of producing large amounts of snow in minimal time. Most of the snowguns are mounted on towers to insure the maximum amount of "air time" for falling snow to freeze. Hunter has enough air and water available to run half of the snowmaking arsenal at once under marginal snowmaking conditions, and nearly every gun under optimal conditions. Hunter's snowmaking power can resurface virtually every trail very quickly after a warm spell or rain.

Some Hunter Snowmaking Facts and Trivia:

  • Hunter uses more than 60 miles of snowmaking pipe
  • Water capacity equals nearly 43 gallons per minute, per acre
  • Air capacity equals about 90,000 cfm, including all fan guns with onboard compressors
  • Overall snowmaking capacity equals 40 tons of snow per minute
  • Hunter can cover one acre (equivalent to size of a football field) with one foot of snow every hour.
  • In an average season, Hunter turns about half a billion gallons of water into snow
  • Hunter has the fastest recovery time of any ski area in the world!

Hunter Mountain's Grooming Fleet

groomers1Terrain Park design and maintenance requires specialized, cutting edge groomer technology. That's why we stay up to date with some of the newest equipment, designed with a wider range of blade and tiller movement for building park features, plus some other specialized machines:

  • 2 Pisten Bully 400s
  • 2 Pisten Bully Edges
  • 1 Pisten Bully Park Bully
  • 1 Pisten Bully Winch Cat
  • 1 LMC 4700 with Pipe Magician
  • 1 LMC 4700 park snow blower

We also use:

  • 1 LMC 4700 groomer
  • 1 LMC 1800 tubing park groomer
  • 1 Thiokol 3700 used for moving rails