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What Is Burton's Learn To Ride Program?

ltrWith Burton Snowboards engineering innovative Learn-To-Ride (LTR) products specifically designed to facilitate and accelerate learning, want-to-be snowboarders around the world are living large after years of ignorance and misdirected instructional programs. Developed in conjunction with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) and major resorts around North America, the LTR methodology stresses getting people to link turns—actually feel what it’s like to snowboard—in the first lesson. Coupled with the LTR learner-specific products, it's a methodology that makes learning to snowboard fun, easy and painless.

To dial in the right geometries and flex patterns, Burton's board designers tested prototypes with true beginners in lessons conducted by AASI Certified Instructors who were part of the LTR development team. The instructors observed how learners fared on the different prototypes and guided the design direction according to proven successes in their lessons.

The success of the LTR program is inextricably linked to Burton's product innovations. The program is based on a two-board progression that first puts riders on a board strictly designed for the first lesson and then graduates them up to a second board that is beginner-friendly, but tuned to let them explore more of the mountain. LTR Packages are available through 3/23/14.

The Boards  

The LTR and LTR-L are Burton's models specifically designed for a rider's first lesson. Certain aspects of the shape and flex have been altered in order get riders turning without the falls traditionally associated with learning to ride. The technical details that deliver day-one success include:

  • Three-degree base edge bevel to prevent falls caused by unwanted edge hook ups.
  • An extra soft torsional flex profile to give riders added control with their feet and lower body.
  • A deep sidecut to let riders easily initiate turning and let them feel how a snowboard should carve.
  • Long transition zones in the tip and tail for smooth turn initiation and completion.
  • A twin-tip design to make it easy to determine which foot should be in front.

The Cruzer is the next board in the progression. Like the LTR and LTR-L, it is flexed and proportioned to facilitate turning while minimizing falls. But unlike the LTR, this is the perfect board for exploring the whole mountain after a couple lessons. With a directional shape, the Cruzer is the ideal choice for the first full year of a rider's career. The Cruzer's technical details include:

  • The same three-degree base edge bevel as the LTR in order to minimize edge hook ups that cause painful falls.
  • A directional shape and flex for all-mountain riding and more aggressive turning.
  • Slightly more torsional and longitudinal stiffness than the LTR for higher performance in carving and control at higher speeds.
  • Shorter transition zones in the tip and tail for quicker initiation and turn completion.

Here are some of our Learn to Ride Packages.

For new riders ages 5 and up, looking for an elite LTR Experience. Purchase a Private Lesson.
· Beginner Private Lesson Package $125.00 includes: 1 lower mtn lift ticket, 1 LTR equipment rental and 1hr of private instruction. (Reservations strongly recommended).

For new riders ages 13 and older looking for an affordable Learn To Ride experience.
· Single-Pak $79.00 Includes:1 lower mtn lift ticket, 1 LTR rental and 1 group snowboard lesson.
· Try-Pak $109.00 Includes: 3 days lower mtn lift ticket, 3 days LTR rentals, and 3 days group snowboard lesson.

For new riders age 7-12, reserve a spot in our Kids LTR Mountaineer Program. (Reservations Required)
· Single Session (AM or PM) $75.00 Includes: a 2-hour group lesson (either AM or PM session), 1 kids LTR rental and 1 lift ticket.
· Full-Day $115.00 Includes: two 2-hour group lessons, lunch, 1 lift ticket and kids LTR rentals.

For new riders age 5-7, reserve a Beginner Private Lesson Package.

Hunter Mountain is dedicated to simplifying a new riders transition into the Snowboard world. We have On-Demand 1st time lessons available on all weekends and holidays. This means, when you have finished getting your LTR equipment an instructor will be waiting to set you up with your group when you exit onto the Learning Center Deck.

Enjoy and welcome to snowboarding!