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Need to Know: Kids

We've got plenty of tips to help you arrive prepared and ready for your first, or hundredth day of skiing or riding here at Hunter.  For more extensive information or answers to your specific questions, please call 800-HunterMtn to speak to an operator or e-mail

Reservations are required for PlayCare, Explorers and Mountaineers - Call 800-HunterMtn x2351 to make a reservation for our Explorers, Mountaineers or PlayCare programs.

  • Children must be at least four years old, out of diapers, and toilet trained to participate in the Explorers program.
  • We recommend first-time skiers four years of age to only enroll in a single session.
  • Hunter Mountain reserves the right to refuse a child due to age, communication barriers, or readiness for the program.
  • If your child is experiencing flu-like symptoms they will not be allowed to enter or will need to be picked up from our Playcare, Explorers or Mountaineers programs.
  • Children are grouped according to age and our assessment of ability level.
  • On-snow time varies with weather, snow conditions, class dynamics and stamina.
  • Parents or guardians of children enrolled in Children's Programs must be on the premises during program hours.
  • We do not serve peanut butter or allow peanut products in the children's learning facility.

We want to be sure all children are grouped appropriately and safely. Families may be required to provide proof of a child’s age and/or date of birth (in the form of a passport or birth certificate) prior to reserving a session, when signing their child in on the day of their session, and/or at any time during their participation in our programs.

Parents, have you spoken to your children about....

  • Getting necessary rest and proper nutrition before hitting the slopes. If your child has a special diet, please bring their lunch.
  • What they can expect (i.e., spending the day on the snow, being without you, riding a chairlift.) Note: we will not refund money for children who do not want to be on the snow and are in our care.
  • Children in lessons may need to ride chairlifts with other members of the public, Hunter Mountain staff, or by themselves


Check out Hunter Mountain.... but first, check off this list!

[ ] Choose the program that best suits you or your family.

[ ] Check the weather and snow conditions at: or call 800-HunterMtn.

[ ] Dress for the conditions (lessons are given regardless of weather).


The right clothing is a Must!

Your child must have the following articles of clothing in order to participate in our Explorers or Mountaineers programs:

-Long underwear, a turtleneck and a fleece top or sweatshirt

Layering clothes is a great way to stay comfortable with changing temperature and weather conditions.

-Ski socks that fit

Just one pair is all you need and make sure they fit snuggly - wrinkled socks inside ski and snowboard boots can make your feet hurt.

-Waterproof Ski mittens or gloves

Please make sure they are waterproof and fit well. Grandma's knitted mittens may be cute, but they are not warm when they get wet and freeze.

-Waterproof snow pants and a warm jacket

These need to be waterproof also. Jeans and leggings aren't enough when children are out in the snow.

- Helmet or warm hat

A warm head makes for a warm body.

-Goggles or sunglasses

On very cold days, goggles are required to help keep your child warm and help visibility when it is snowing, raining or if we are making snow. On sunny days, they help protect eyes from snow glare.

-Neck Warmer

On very cold days, a neck warmer is required. Please leave grandma's knitted scarf at home with the knitted mittens.

Waterproof sun block is a great thing too, on bright sunny days.

**Please label any items that your child will be wearing with their initials. Thank you.**


Helmets are required for all outdoor children's programs. Helmets can save lives and prevent injury, regardless of what age or level skier or rider your child is. Please visit for more information about the importance of helmets.

Planning on Renting Equipment??

Time Well Spent: 

  • Schedule enough time to pass through the Rental Shop and still get to your lesson. It can take up to 45 minutes for the first time visitor to be fitted properly and receive all their gear before exiting towards the slopes. If traveling with a family, allow even more time due to the number of people and diverse ages. Please visit our Ski & Snowboard Lessons for class times.
  • To help with this constraint, plan your arrival before or close to 8:30 AM. Our busiest times are from 10 AM to Noon and then again at 3 PM to 4:30PM. The Rental Shop is open from 8AM to 5PM. The lifts are open from 8:30AM to 4PM.


The Proper Fit:

  • To help with a proper fitting boot, a few steps need to be taken before arrival. Only one pair of thin socks should be worn. Multiple layers of socks can cause friction in the boot and result in blisters. Thick heavy socks may be too warm and cause sweating that can cause irritations.
  • While making sure that a waterproof pair of pants is worn to keep you warm and dry, make sure that the cuffs of the pants are wide enough or elastic enough to go over the top of the boots. This will help keep snow out and give a proper fit around the calf muscle.


But I'm almost 18: 

  • If you are under the age of 18 you will need to have a parent's or guardian's signature to rent. This is something that will not be overlooked.


Security Deposit: 

  • A deposit will need to be left while the rental equipment is rented. A valid drivers license; credit card (we will photocopy); valid military id; valid school photo id or $250 in cash. All deposits will be returned or destroyed after the rental gear is returned.


Children’s Programs Refund/Cancelation Policy for 2015-2016 Season:

If your reservation is canceled within 24 hours of booking, a full refund minus a $25 cancelation fee per child can be issued, or we can issue you a voucher for the same child & product for another day, during the 2015-2016 season. *If reservation is booked within 24 hours of the lesson start time, no refunds will be available if canceled.
If you need to cancel and contact us PRIOR to 5pm the night before your scheduled visit, we can issue you a voucher for the same child & product for another day, during the 2015-2016 Season.
If the reservation is not canceled by 5pm the day before the start of your reservation, you arrive late for or leave early from your lesson, no refunds, credits, or vouchers will be available.