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Food Vendor Information

Hunter Mountain Festivals Vendor Information

Dear Food Vendor Applicant,

Below are applications for participation at our four Oktoberfests.  You may download the appropriate application for your needs and mail prior to the deadline date.

If you have not participated in our festivals the past two years or this is your first time applying to participate, please send a photo of your display and items that you will be selling with your application (you may reference a website showing your display and items for sale).

Approximate attendance averages for these events are: Oktoberfest I - 4,500; Oktoberfest II - 5,500; Oktoberfest III - 10,000 and Oktoberfest IV - 4,500. 

Please read the reverse side of your application for detailed information regarding these events.   Consideration of application acceptance will be based on aesthetics of booth and food offered; for past vendors acceptance will be partially based on past years’ compliance to the “Rules & Regulations”. All applications will be reviewed prior to acceptance to our Festivals.

We look forward to another great Festival season.  If you have any questions, you can reach me at or by phone at x2278.


Jen Schmidt
Vendor Coordinator