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Races & Events

Hunter Mountain hosts fun races and events during the winter season

Featuring unique specialty races during the season from the long-running FDNY Firefighters Races to the USASA Catskill Mountain Series, USCSA Collegiate Racing and our own Mini World Cup geared to the little ones...

NASTAR is Back! NASTAR returns to Hunter Mountain for the 2016-17 season. NASTAR is the NAtional STAndard Race, where skiers and riders of all ability levels can compete against times set by members of the US Ski Team.

Our Hunter Run events are listed for registration in two places.

Non-USSA sanctioned events and training can be found on

All USSA races are listed on Admin Ski Reg. FIRST, sign in as a user and THEN follow the NYSSRA tab and scroll down to the Hunter Event section. Then click on the race date of your choice.