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Midweek Update: May 30th

Hello everyone, today marks the final day of blasting on Hunter North as we continue to make significant progress on the expansion project! The final blast went off today on the Belt Parkway, further widening the trail and rerouting sections in relation to our 5 news trails and additional high speed 6-passenger chairlift.

Our mountain operations team continues to haul away the blast debris for repurposing as grading material on our new trails in addition to beginning electrical work at the top terminal of Hunter North.  The necessary electrical conduits to power the chairlift and all other on site equipment will begin being dug in as of this afternoon and will continue through early June.

As a reminder to all our hikers and explorers who will be joining us throughout the spring, summer and fall, the Hunter North construction zone including but not limited to the Belt Parkway, Jimmie Heuga Express, The Cliff, White Cloud and all of Hunter West is OFF LIMITS. This limited access is for your safety and we appreciate our guests cooperation! All prohibited areas are clearly marked with signs and caution tape.

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