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Midweek Update: July 19th

Concrete progress has been made this week on our Hunter North expansion project, and we mean that quite literally! Mountain operations and our construction teams continue pouring tower foundations in addition to beginning work on establishing the groundwork for the top terminal of our new high speed 6 passenger chairlift.

Shown below is an example of a finished reinforced concrete tower foundation, in this case tower 4. The four protruding bolts from the foundation are where the new lift’s tower will rest and be secured in place during installation.

Stay tuned this weekend and next week for even more exciting information as we unveil new details about Hunter North’s chairlift and a progress update on Trail 2!

Tower 4 concrete foundation located on Hunter North.
Construction  on Hunter North expansion project featuring a foundation mold and reinforced frame for a new high speed 6 passenger chairlift tower.

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