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Competition Teams Registration

competition teams registration

This form MUST be completed to PARTICIPATE and receive Communications from your coaches and program director.

Parent/Guardian Information

Medical Information

I, as parent or guardian of the participant, give permission to Hunter Mountain Ski Patrol or any other medical personnel to treat named Participant in the event of a medical emergency or illness. I understand that every attempt will be made to reach me as soon as possible.

Is there any medical information we should know about the participant? Enter *none* if there are none known.

Code of Conduct

The following is a Code of Conduct that is expected to be followed by all Hunter Mountain Seasonal Program Athletes. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner while representing Hunter Mountain. This includes appropriate behavior at Hunter Mountain, while in transit to other ski areas and during participation at events and ceremonies at other venues. Athletes agree to demonstrate appropriate, sportsmanlike conduct through the following behaviors:

• Athletes will become familiar with competition rules and procedures, as outlines in U.S.S.A. (United States Ski and Snowboard Association), and will abide by the rules of competition in all events attended.

• Athletes will behave in a respectful and responsible manner. Athletes will show respect to their coaches and team leaders, competition officials, ski area employees and the skiing and snowboarding public. Respectful and responsible behavior includes respect for property, courtesy and good manners and the use of appropriate language at all times.

• Athletes are expected to abstain from the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.

• Athletes of the opposite sex are expected to congregate only in public areas or with authorized adults at all times.

Failure to comply with any of the above provisions can lead to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can be taken by the team leader or coach. Further action will be reviewed by the Athlete, Parent, Coach and Program Director. Discilpinary action can include:

• Removal from the team trip

• Suspension from training and/or future competition

• Disqualification from an event

• Dismissal from the Hunter Mountain Seasonal Program

Any disciplinary action will be applied fairly and equitably to all parties involved. Nothing in this code shall be deemed to restrict the individual freedom of an athlete while not representing Hunter Mountain. In choice of appearance, lifestyle, behavior and speech, athletes will have complete freedom while not traveling or competing with the team, provided that their statements and actions do not adversely affect the name and reputation of Hunter Mountain or the Hunter Mountain Coaching Staff.

Photo Release

In exchange for the consideration received, I hereby give permission to Hunter Mountain to use my child's name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade and any other lawful purposes. I am the parent/legal guardian of the individual named above. I have read this release and approve of the terms.