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Hunter Cup Race Series #4

Sat, Jan 26

Time: 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Location: Lower Broadway Race Hill
2018-19 Series Dates:
The Hunter Cup Race Series, based on the original Silver Series created in 1983, will again make its mark on the Mountain for the 2018/19 season. Twenty-three years later, the Hunter Cup Race series will emulate the Silver Series, which was created to celebrate Hunter Mountain’s twenty-fifth season of operation.
The Hunter Cup Series is comprised of four GS races and a qualified head to head final. We will race GS in both Ski and Snowboard discipline. Results will be based on best run. After each race, medals will be awarded to the top three competitors in each age group. Following the awards, there will be a bib raffle with great prizes.  All competitors are entered in the bib raffle.  If your name is called you must be present to win.
Location: This Dual GS will be held on the Lower Broadway Race Hill, accessible from B-lift.
Registration Available online at SKIREG.COM. There will be a $10 late fee for entries received after online closes and for the day of registrations.
Schedule: Day of registration and bib pick up opens at 8 AM in Colonels Hall. The course is open for inspection at 9 AM and the race start is at 10 AM.  Awards will be held after 2:30 PM in Colonels Hall.
Seasonal Overall: Overall awards will be presented at the Après-ski party on the Main Stage after the final race on January 26, 2019. After the last race, the overall series winners will be awarded the Hunter Cup which will be displayed in the base lodge until the next Hunter Cup. The overall winners will be scored using the NASTAR Points  from their best two race results.
Bib Raffle:  You must have raced in at least 2 races to be eligible for the final and the bib raffle. You will get one bib raffle for each race entered.  Competitors who have entered 3 races will have 3 entries in the bib raffle. Competitors who have entered 4 races will have 4 entries in the bib raffle.
Categories: Age Groups are U12 and up as per USSA format and Adults for both Alpine Ski and Snowboard categories. Adults will be grouped in 10-year increments or merged with the closest age group if there are less than 5 in that group.
Results: will be based on NASTAR Points Handicap Points. The NASTAR Points points system acts as a universal leveler so racers can be compared regardless of age and gender.
How is a Handicap Determined?
You earn a handicap for each run you take on the course. The handicap is basically the percentage slower you are than the fastest racer in the country.
A pacesetter, who has a known handicap, runs the course and from that the theoretical time for the fastest racer in the country is determined. This is the “Par Time”. Your handicap is the percentage slower than the par time.
If the resort has a dual course the pacesetter will race each course. Assuming he or she gets a different time the par time for each course will be different.
A simple example (with convenient math):
Let’s say the Pacesetter currently has a handicap of 20.00. So, he or she would typically be 20% slower than the fastest racer in the country.
If they ran the course with a time of 24.00 seconds that calculates to a Par Time of 20.00 seconds (20.00 x 1.2 = 24.00). This is the time we would expect the fastest racer in the country would run the course.
Then if you run the course and get a time of 30.00 seconds your Handicap would be 50 (50% slower than the Par Time of 20.00 seconds).
If you ran the course with a blistering time of 20.00 seconds you would have a handicap of 0, because it’s the same as the Par Time. This would be a good time to head home, pack your bags and get ready to go to the Olympics because you are fast!
The same logic applies to not-so-simple times and handicaps. But don’t worry, the resorts are provided with great software to do all the calculations!