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Mini World Cup #2

Sun, Feb 9

Kids ski team
Time: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM
2020 Dates:
MWC #1 -  January 4 - Saturday - Rescheduled for Sunday, January 26th - Registration is Available Here!
MWC #2 - February 9 - Sunday - Registration is Available Here!
MWC #3 -March 1- Sunday - Registration is Available Here!
Description:  The Mini World Cup is a kids racing event developed by the Rip Van Winkle Ski Council hosted by Hunter Mountain and other areas within the council. It is a competitive race series that gives kids and parents an opportunity to learn how racing events occur. The format for the race is Giant Slalom but refer to the registration form for any changes. Awards are distributed at the end of the day for gender and age group. USSA membership is not required and is open to anyone interested becoming a Ski Racer.
MWC Program Goals:  
  • To provide an opportunity for kids who have not yet had the opportunity to get out and experience how ski racing works.
  • To teach kids what to expect when they move on to racing at the USSA level.
  • To give kids in our program a taste of Ski Racing and get them excited to learn more and a desire to move up to a competitive level.
  • To teach parents how to get themselves and their kid's ski race-ready and to experience the level of commitment involved.
  • To create a smooth, fast registration process where parents are prepared for the race in advance and a start list can be generated on time.
  • To ensure a safe, fair race for all competitors
U6 participants will not be racing on the New Lower Broadway race hill. It’s just too steep and we don’t want to discourage anyone with a scare. We have an exciting new plan for the little kids. We will be hosting a fun race in Hunter One to encourage the spirit of Ski Racing .  We will set up a course using brushes, with a fun start and finish line. Kids that don't race can head over to find the course at No Cost.  Parents will be able to assist kids and coaches to make the day fun for the kids.....
Notices and updates : Please keep an eye on the website for updates. And we will attempt to communicate with the school and program coaches.
------------------REGISTRATION ---------------------
ONLINE REGISTRATION We have the MWC races listed on  SKIREG.COM Online entries close  at 1PM sharp  the day before the race.  There is a small fee to register using this service.  ANY entries received after 1 PM on the closing date will be deemed a LATE ENTRY and will be processed on the morning of the event.
DROP OFF/MAIL-IN REGISTRATION :  Fill out an entry form---Make checks payable to Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl. Include MWC# in the memo--- Drop it off at Group Sales/ Special Events desk before the 3:30 PM deadline the day before the race.
The staff at Snowsports office and at Group Sales are not on the Events Team and their time is precious. Please be happy to simply drop off or mail in your entry without a bunch of questions. Your questions should be covered by our FAQ’s below.  Read all instructions on this page to become informed
OR you can simply  Mail the entry to : Race Secretary, Hunter Mtn Events- Mini World Cup, PO box 295, Hunter NY 12442
ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 1 PM, the day before the race or it will be subject to a $25 late fee.
DAY OF REGISTRATION:  Registration will be open in colonels Hall from 7:45 AM to 9:15 AM.  There will be a LATE FEE of $25 for all entries submitted on the day of the race(or after 1PM the day before).
  • You still need to be at registration on the morning of the race to collect your race number .   NO NUMBER NO RACE!
  • Avoid late registration fees by registering early
  • pre-register for all three races now and save further efforts.
  • Let’s all smile and be nice this is for the children…
  • Refunds for missed races issued in March
------------------PARENT RESPONSIBILITY REMINDER------------------
Getting to the start line on time…
  • MWC #1 and MWC #2 is an introduction into Ski Racing for most. With guidance and assistance from their PARENTS the kids need to get to the start line on time. Program coaches will not be there to assist.
  • MCW#3 is the test race. By now your kids should have enough experience to get themselves to the start line on time.  Naturally, parents should accompany their kids (especially the youngest ones) and be there as a spectator , but we ask that you have your child take the lead.
See and review the FAQ's before you call to speak with someone...
  • Speed suits are NOT allowed
  • Bibs numbers will be given out prior to event
  • Start Order: Run in first come first served order
  • Coaches are not responsible for getting kid to the start     
  • Helmets required
  • Results are based on combined time
  • Athletes who compete in USSA sanctioned races will race in a separate category.
U 8-16 Girls and Boys
U10 +U12 Competition Girls and Boys
Open SnowBoard Girls and Boys
Rough Schedule:                                       
7:45 - 9:15   Colonel’s Hall
Course inspection with coach
9:30 - 10:15   Lower Broadway
First run start
10:20   Lower Broadway
11:30 – 12:30
Second run start
1:00   Lower Broadway
3:30   Colonel’s Hall
NOTE: Kids enrolled in Hunter Mountain seasonal programs may take both of their runs in the morning so they may join their groups in the afternoon.
------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions-----------------------------
  • Why does registration close so early?
We close registration early to allow the race staff time to double check the start list for accuracy, print hard copies for the start controller, get the start list loaded into the timing computer and test the timing system.
  • Why is there a late registration fee?
Late entries create more work for the staff, thus more time equals more expense.
  • Why is pre-registration so important?
There isn’t enough time to input every competitor’s data on race day without causing a delay. Pre-registration streamlines the registration process and allows the RA to get a start list to the race hill on time.
  • Why is it important to get to registration early on race day?
When everyone comes near the end of the registration time period, we don’t have adequate time to process them all. The result is long lines, delayed start times, stressed children and parents and insufficient time to verify the accuracy of the start list.    
  • What if I pre-register my child and can’t make it to the race?
We will refund your registration fee. Please let us know by email so we know in advance.
  • Why are the program coaches not involved at MWC 2 and 3?
The desire to race MWC is the child’s. Not all program kids want to race, and it is the Program Coaches responsibility to teach to the group’s needs. So at the first MWC the coaches assist the kids in their group so they can all get a taste of Ski Racing. In #2 and #3 the individual kids get the choice to race or not.  If they do, their parents need to take over and ensure the new Ski Racer is Race Ready…If they don’t want to race; their Program Coaches will be on the regular Season Program schedule.