Return to Apres Kickoff Party - Shorty Long & the Jersey Horns
#HunterApres is Back! Join us for our kickoff party with live music by Shorty Long & the Jersey Horns!
Saturday: Dec 17 - Dec 17
Hunter Mountain Main Bar

#HunterApres is Back! Join us for our kickoff party with live music by Shorty Long & the Jersey Horns!

For almost two decades, Shorty Long & The Jersey Horns, have been entertaining crowds from Boston MA to Key West FLA and all the way to Pittsburgh PA! During that time they have created quite a following, received numerous awards and opened up for and/or played with some of music’s biggest names ever…as well as being featured at many national sporting events. Richard “Shorty Long” Tisch was born with Osteogenesis Imperfect or “O.I.” AKA “Children Of Glass.” This condition has left him wheelchair bound for most of his life. He has overcome these physical limitations and challenges by playing and mastering the keyboard since the age of five to become a legend at the Jersey Shore and BEYOND!! Having opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Three Dog Night, and DMC, Shorty is not to be missed for their first ever ski resort performance!

From Vice Magazine: "With more than 2,000 songs in their repertoire and 200-plus dates annually scheduled, the eight-to-ten person band (varying in accordance to the limitations of a given location) is particularly apt at adjusting to a specific audience. Depending on the crowd, the Jersey Horns will transition without hesitation from respectable renditions of "Brick House" to "Uptown Funk," from "What I Got" to "Superstitious," from "Walking On Sunshine" to "Let Me Clear My Throat." Their fan base consists of a wide-ranging demographic, containing what seems to be every character on the Jersey shore: children who are jealous of Shorty using their favorite toys, shirtless young men, middle-aged parents in "Life Is Good" tank tops. Really, anyone with an interest in fun."