Ski & Snowboard School


Prepare For Your Lesson

Arriving prepared for your lesson is key to maximizing your day on the slopes with your instructor. Below you can find information on where to go, what to expect, and what to bring.



Please check-in at least 30 minutes before the start of your lesson. If you arrive late and cannot complete check-in prior to the check-in end time, we may not be able to accommodate you in a lesson for that day.

If you are renting equipment, please check-in at least an hour before the start of your lesson. If you purchased a lift ticket or pass outside of your lesson bundle, please collect it before proceeding to your lesson meeting place.


The location of your lesson is selected at the time of booking and the check-in location will be listed on your confirmation email once a lesson is purchased.

  • Adult Group Lessons (age 13+) For 9:00am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, and Weekend Rolling Start Lessons: 
    • All lesson participants must have a lift ticket or seasons pass. Pick up tickets at the ticket window on the upper level of the Learning Center.
    • If renting, plan at least 1 hour to obtain rental equipment prior to your lesson meeting time
    • Once you have your tickets and equipment, meet behind the Learning Center on snow at least 15 minutes prior to your lesson start time. Look for the "Group Lessons" sign. 
  • Child Group Lessons - Mountaineers (age 7-14):
    • Check-in for morning and full-day lessons begins as early as 8:30am.  All students should be checked in no later than 9:15am. 
      • Students who are obtaining rentals must check-in no later than 9:00am 
    • Check-in for afternoon lessons begins as early as 10:30am.  All students should be checked in no later than 12:15pm. 
      • Students who are obtaining rentals may acquire their rentals as early as 10:30am. They should check-in to get rentals no later than 12:00pm. 
    • Once a Mountaineer has checked in (and obtained rentals if needed) they will go with their parents to the lesson meeting area on the behind the Learning Center near the small conveyor lift (Look for our signs). Check in begins 15 minutes prior to lesson start time. 
  • Child Group Lessons - Explorers (ages 5 & 6) & Scouts (ages 3 & 4):
    • Check in for morning lessons begins as early as 8:30am.  All students should be checked in no later than 9:30am. After Explorers and Scouts check-in, children enter our parent-free facility. They will be supervised and led in games, arts & crafts projects, and team-building activities until their lesson start time. If a child is renting equipment from us this is the time they will be fitted.
    • Check-in for afternoon lessons begins as early as 12:00pm. All students should be checked in no later than 12:30pm.
      • Students may acquire their rental equipment early but not before 10:30am to allow our morning students to get to their lessons on time.  
  • Private Lessons (ages 3+):
    • All private lessons meet on the snow side of the Learning Center. Look for our “Private Lessons” sign. 
    • A reservation and lift ticket (or seasons pass) are required for private lessons.  Lessons may be sold day-of based on availability but should be purchased no later than 30 minutes prior to lesson start time. 
    • Pick up rental equipment on the second floor of the Learning Center. Plan at least 1 hour to obtain equipment prior to your lesson meeting time. 

What To Expect

Prep Gray

Best pricing is available online, in advance. To book a group lesson within 24 hours or a private lesson within 48 hours, please visit one of our Ski & Snowboard sales locations or call ahead. Our cancellation policy is available here. Make sure all members of your group have a pass or lift ticket and rent gear if needed.

On Time Gray

Arrive 30 minutes before the lesson to allow time for check-in. If you or your child are picking up rental gear, arrive 60 minutes early.

Check In Gray

Check-in for the lesson at the location or base area you selected while booking. 

Instructor Gray

All group lessons will be sorted by ability level and child lessons will be sorted by age. The instructor will determine a plan for the day based on individual needs or group goals. 

Mountain Gray 


Expert instructors will help all participants have fun exploring more of the mountain by practicing new techniques at their own pace. All full day lessons will include a break for lunch, with food provided only for full day child group lessons. Half day lessons do not include lunch.

 Pick Up Gray


If you are dropping off a child, make sure to confirm location and pick-up time. The instructor will provide a summary of their lesson and your child's progress at pick-up. 


Gratuities: Instructor gratuity is at your discretion. Please note, a 15-20% gratuity based on the cost of the lesson will make your instructor feel very appreciated and valued. 

Ski & Snowboard School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ski and snowboard lesson offerings will you provide this year at your resorts?
We are pleased to offer a range of ski and snowboard programming including group and private lessons as well as season long and specialty programs. Specific details can be found on our Ski and Snowboard School pages.


When will season long programs be available for enrollment?  
Season long programs will be available for registration by mid-September. 


What is included with a ski or snowboard lesson?  
Each lesson will include professional instruction from one of our instructors. Full day lessons will include a break for lunch, and full day group lessons for children will include lunch. Participants will be responsible for bringing or purchasing their own food in private lessons, group lessons for adults, and season long and specialty lessons for children.


Do lessons Include rentals and lift tickets? 
No, lessons do not include lift tickets or rentals. These items must be purchased separately, and all lessons require a valid lift ticket. While purchasing a group lesson, you can add-on lift tickets and rentals at a discounted rate. You may bring your own equipment. Passes are available to purchase here. Buy in advance and online for the best rates. 


What should I bring to my lesson?  
Weather conditions will vary and remember you will spend the day outside! We recommend dressing in layers including warm clothes, googles/sunglasses and sunscreen. For complete details on what to bring and where to go, read more here.  


What if I have special needs or requests, e.g. Drug or Food Allergies? 
While we do our best to accommodate dietary needs and offer different options whenever possible, severe allergy concerns or specific circumstances would be best discussed with the school staff directly prior to visiting. 


Does my child need to be potty trained to participate in a lesson?
All children are required to be potty trained to participate in ski school lessons.


Will face coverings be required in Ski and Snowboard School this season?
No. Face coverings are not required to ski and snowboard, or in gondolas or indoor spaces at this time, unless required by local public health or CDC designation. This includes restaurants, lodging properties, restrooms, retail and rental locations, and base areas. Check local guidance for face covering requirements on buses and shuttles.


What is the cancellation and refund policy for Ski & Snowboard School lessons? 
Changes or cancellations can be made in advance of your lesson date by contacting the Ski & Snowboard School conducting your lesson. A cancellation Fee will be assessed for a guest when they cancel either a Group or Private Lesson (1- and 2-hour Lessons, half day and full day) as follows:

  • Any Ski & Snowboard School Product that is cancelled prior to 48 hours of the lesson's start time will be issued a full refund.
  • Any Ski & Snowboard School Product that is cancelled within 48 hours of the lesson’s start time will be charged the Cancellation Fee.
  • For Ski & Snowboard School Products that contain one lesson day, the Cancellation Fee is 50% of the cost of the lesson.
  • For Ski & Snowboard School Products that contain multiple lesson days, and a full Cancellation is required, the Cancellation Fee is 50% of the cost of the first lesson. All other days in a multiple lesson Ski & Ride School Product will be fully refunded.

Lessons are never cancelled due to weather while the resort is operational. For more detailed information on refunds and cancellations, please refer to the Terms of Sale