Mountain Safety


Winter Use of Trails & Lifts


Use of lifts, trails, and terrain at Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, Inc. during the operating season is granted to skiers and snowboarders with a valid lift ticket, season pass or uphill access ticket and with approved equipment that has appropriate and operational retention or braking devices.

Skiing and snowboarding on closed trails, terrain or features is prohibited.

NY law states that each person who participates in the sports of skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and snowshoeing accepts as a matter of law, the dangers inherent in the sport. (NY Section 101, Legislative Purpose. NY State General Obligations Law Article 18). Awareness, common sense, courtesy, respect for others and the natural environment will help you have a positive experience and may reduce your risk.

Lift & Terrain Status

Stay Safe & Have Fun at Hunter Mountain

Uphill Travel Policy

Uphill travel is now closed for the 23/24 season.

Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, Inc. allows uphill access via skinning and snowshoeing during the winter operating season four hours prior to operating hours. For the safety of everyone on the mountain, anyone participating in these activities must adhere to the following guidelines and accept all risks associated with uphill travel:

  1. Up Hill Travel is permitted via Mossy Brook to Off Broadway to Lower Crossover to Eastside Drive to Summit.  Stay to the side of the trail and constantly be aware of what is happening around you.
  2. Uphill travel is only permitted prior to opening and you must ski down the same route you went up.
  3. All trails and terrain parks are closed outside of operational hours, with the exception of the authorized uphill routes four hours prior to opening.
  4. You must be visible to all traffic at all times, and you should know and follow ‘Your Responsibility Code’ at all times. We highly advise wearing bright and reflective clothing.
  5. No dogs are allowed on the mountain. Please see below.
  6. Overnight stays on the mountain are not permitted!
  7. Hunter Mountain reserves the right to close the mountain at any time.
  9. The mountain is closed and cleared of all guests and staff at the end of each operating day.
  10. Avoid all grooming operations, ESPECIALLY WINCH CATS. The cable between the anchor and the cat can be difficult to see and may be under the snow. These cables can stretch for thousands of feet and can move very quickly.

Rescue Response: Be aware that there are no patrol services outside of operating hours, and ski area buildings are closed. In case of emergency, call 911 and know that response times could be extended. Be aware that mobile phone service can be unreliable on the mountain.

If you access the mountain prior to operating hours, you do so at your own risk. Conditions may be variable, due to weather, ungroomed surfaces and limited visibility. Uphill users are warned that snowmobiles, snowmaking, snow grooming, winch cables and other equipment may be encountered at any time and that you are responsible to stay clear of such equipment. Use extra caution and always remain aware of what is happening around you.

No Sledding Policy

Sledding anywhere at Hunter Mountain is strictly prohibited:

This includes ski trails, tubing park, walkways, driveways, roads and any snow-covered area. This includes all sliding devices such as sleds, saucers, trays, toboggans, of any kind.

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Dog & Animal Policy

As much as we love man's best friend, for our guests and your pet's safety we do not allow dogs on the ski trails, lifts or in the buildings.

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service FS-703 and ANSI B77.1 (American National Standards Institute)

Standards contain the requirements for the accessibility of ski area facilities including gondolas, chair lifts and ski trails are to set by the Ski Area. SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS are based on the safety of all guests at Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, Inc. HMSB is concerned for the safety of all its guests and because of the dangers to both the animals, and guests using the area, we do not allow any dog or service animal to ride our lifts or travel down the ski trails, leashed or unleashed for the safety of all.